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Chocolate & Co. Company W.L.L.

a premium chocolates and confectionary manufacturing plant based in the Kingdom of Bahrain,
producing and selling in wholesale and under private labels to retail chains and other customers region wide.


Flavors of the World Collection

Our masterful Chef Chocolatiers have created extraordinarily unique, limited edition chocolates based on inspiration from their culinary journeys. Like a travel agent for your taste buds, let our chefs guide you through this flavor-filled adventure - your passport to delicious!


Delicious ingredients, sourced with love

Whether you love classic chocolate combinations or daring blends, you'll find many favorites among our chocolate bars. Each one blends organic ingredients with our sustainably-sourced cacao in balanced harmony.

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Factory 263, Road 1505, Block 115,
Al Hidd, BIIP Area
Tel: 00973 17491350
        00973 17369177
Fax: 00973 17491395
Email: info@choc-and-co.com
P.O Box 50687 - Manama,
Kingdom of Bahrain